Giving Back

This is a passion project for both of us and we're not 100% sure of what we're doing all the time. We may not be doing all the right things or making all the right moves. That said, we do know that we want to bake some really amazing stuff into the foundations of our business. We don't expect to be millionaires, or even hundredaires anytime soon, but we do expect to give back what we can. 

Going forward, one dollar from every product we sell for the rest of history will be donated to different causes around the world that we feel are really trying to make a positive impact in the world.

Over time the organizations and causes will change but we promise to always be transparent about how much money is collected, donated and how exactly it's being spent. The organizations we partner with will be featured on our website and we will do our best to ensure the maximum percentage of money is going directly to each individual cause (rather than to charities marketing or HR departments)

It's a simple act that could accomplish a lot of good. If you ever have questions or comments about this program please reach out and let us know. (If you work with an organization that you feel we could work with we would love to hear from you too.)

Like we said, we are new at this so the name of the game is transparency, honesty and trust. We don't promise to do everything perfectly the first time, but we'll do our best to do the right thing 100% of the time!


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